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          Trump pushed for visa for ex-Ukraine official who he thought could implicate Biden, Parnas says

          Rachel Maddow

          Ukrainian ex-prosecutor Lutsenko said he'd only accuse Biden if Yovanovitch was fired, according to Parnas

          The Beat with Ari

          'He got caught': Pelosi played McConnell on Trump impeachment

          The Rachel Maddow ShowSee More


          Parnas describes how Trump struggled to fire Amb. Yovanovitch


          Parnas: Perry fell short in his part in Trump's Ukraine scheme


          Parnas: 'I don't think Vice President Biden did anything wrong'

          Must Watch


          Trump responds to Lev Parnas interviews: ‘Don’t know who this man is’


          Chief Justice John Roberts swears in senators for the impeachment trial of President Trump


          White House violated law by withholding Ukraine aid, government watchdog says


          Kamala Harris on impeachment trial: ‘Time to do justice’


          Why is Devin Nunes so eager to cover for Trump?


          Watch Rep. Schiff read the articles of impeachment against Trump


          'No more running': Impeached Trump faces historic Senate trial he tried to duck

          The 11th HourSee More


          Senate begins Trump impeachment as Lev Parnas makes new allegations


          Trump now says he doesn't know Lev Parnas. He's pulled this trick before.


          GOP Sen. McSally is fundraising off calling Hill reporter a 'liberal hack'


          Trump again denies knowing Lev Parnas despite video and multiple photos


          Lindsey Graham said you must have impeachment trial witnesses... in 1999

          The Last WordSee More


          Maddow: Lev Parnas effectively put Bolton, Pompeo, and others on witness list


          Laurence Tribe: ‘The question of not listening to witnesses is off the table’


          Sen. Klobuchar: Senate must hear from witnesses

          All InSee More


          Parnas: Trump Hotel 'like one big cesspool'


          ‘I’m searching for all of the truth:’ Blumenthal on being impartial in Senate impeachment trial


          GOP senators struggle to defend Trump as he continues to be implicated


          Parnas to Maddow: ‘It was never about corruption’

          HardballSee More


          Daily Beast: Lev Parnas felt ‘betrayed’ by Trump friendly legal team


          Despite growing evidence, Trump insists he doesn’t know Lev Parnas


          Susan Collins ‘likely’ to support motion to call witnesses in impeachment trial


          Chris Van Hollen calls GAO report a ‘blockbuster decision’


          What kind of judge will John Roberts be during the impeachment trial?

          The BeatSee More


          'High crimes': See the moment Trump officially gets put on trial


          'He got caught': Pelosi played McConnell on Trump impeachment


          How judge in Trump impeachment trial may compel witnesses and break ties


          • 43m ago

            South Carolina wife gets 25 years for killing husband with eye drops

          • 4h ago

            U.S. service members treated for concussions after Iranian missile strikes

          • 5h ago

            App developers sue Facebook alleging an 'anticompetitive scheme'

          • 5h ago

            Giuliani associate Parnas claims Trump ordered Ukraine ambassador's firing several times before recall

          • 7h ago

            The Week in Pictures: Volcanic lightning and a basket of joeys

          • 7h ago

            DHS asks Pentagon to fund hundreds more miles of border wall construction

          • 7h ago

            Trump-appointed judge dismisses trans defendant's chosen pronouns

          • 7h ago

            Best bedding and bedroom deals to shop this MLK Day

          • 8h ago

            Christopher Tolkien, son of 'Lord of the Rings' author J.R.R. Tolkien, dies at 95

          • 8h ago

            Trump's China deal leaves some trade experts 'underwhelmed'

          • 8h ago

            YouTube ran ads for major brands, environmental nonprofits on climate misinformation videos

          • 8h ago

            South Dakota bill would make trans health care for minors a felony

          • 8h ago

            Rep. Ayanna Pressley reveals she has alopecia, debuts bald head

          • 9h ago

            Reading, campaigning, praying: Senators get ready for the Trump impeachment trial

          • 9h ago

            Gray walls are out. Here's what you need to know before you paint them white.

          • 9h ago

            Police reveal evidence in N.Y. serial killer case nearly decade after 11 bodies found

          • 10h ago

            ASOS is making online shopping more inclusive

          • 10h ago

            Dermatologist-approved skincare products for dark skin

          • 10h ago

            Georgia election server showed signs of tampering, expert says

          • 10h ago

            How higher salaries for teachers became a Republican cause

          • 10h ago

            Oscars, infidelity and ego: What Kevin Hart's Netflix series reveals about the celebrity crisis machine

          • 10h ago

            NBCUniversal unveils details of new streaming service Peacock

          • 10h ago

            Awkwafina lends her voice to New York City subway announcements

          • 11h ago

            Days before Virginia gun rally, FBI arrests 3 alleged white supremacists

          • 11h ago

            FBI will now notify state election officials when any part of their election systems is hacked

          • 11h ago

            ESPN reporter had aggressive, hard to detect type of cancer

          • 11h ago

            'Vanderpump Rules' cast member Max Boyens apologizes after racist tweets resurface

          • 11h ago

            Honduran migrants crossing Guatemala face more obstacles but still hope to get to U.S.

          • 11h ago

            Blue Bell ice cream licker in Texas pleads guilty to criminal mischief

          • 11h ago

            Banker fined $58 million for smuggling Picasso painting from Spain

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          MTP DailySee More


          Donna Edwards reacts to Warren, Sanders hot mic


          Clinton impeachment manager: Without new evidence, witnesses Trump will be acquitted


          Panel: 'You can take [McSally] off the list' of GOP who might side with Democrats

          Deadline: White HouseSee More


          Lev Parnas implicates Trump and top officials in Ukraine pressure campaign


          Lev Parnas: Barr ‘had to have known everything’


          Rhodes on Trump’s accusation the Obama admin funded the Iranian missiles: ‘We’re better than this'

          Morning JoeSee More


          Joe to Pence and Barr after Parnas allegations: Come clean. We know how this story ends.


          Why Parnas interview was a 'political earthquake'


          Lev Parnas adds Bill Barr's name to Ukraine plot


          Australia expecting heavy rain as wildfires continue burning


          Why is Devin Nunes so eager to cover for Trump?



          Menendez: Debate should remind everyone of what's at stake


          At final debate before first votes are cast, Biden and Warren remove their gloves


          Warren: 'I disagreed' when Sanders allegedly said a woman could not win presidential election



          Pete Buttigieg: Congress needs to be part of conversations on military strikes


          Amy Klobuchar: Trump has run up the debt


          Tom Steyer: Trump started obstructing justice almost from first day in office

          Election 2020


          Chris Matthews: Right now, bet on Bernie Sanders in Iowa


          Joe: Dems must take Trump on in the political battlefield


          Klobuchar: I am someone who gets things done


          Buttigieg: Trump is a symptom and cause of many of America's problems


          Buttigieg: We can win, and we'll really have to work for it


          'A dull and plodding' Democratic debate


          Malcolm Nance: This is ‘the dawn of the DNC hacking 2.0’


          James Carville: Trumpism greatest threat ‘since fall of communism’


          Dave Chappelle enters 2020 fray: 'I'm Yang Gang!'


          Sanders campaign 'done talking about' clash with Warren

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          • 2d ago

            Trump taking aim at House impeachment process

          • 2d ago

            $1 trillion deficits return, despite Trump's promises

          • 2d ago

            McConnell can't defend head-in-the-sand stance

          • 2d ago

            Wednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 1.15.20

          • 2d ago

            Pelosi introduces impeachment case 'managers'

          • 2d ago

            Why Trump, McCarthy seem eager to side with Sanders

          • 2d ago

            Polls show opposition to Trump's Iran confrontation

          • 2d ago

            Trump focuses on toilets, washing machines

          • 2d ago

            Tuesday's Mini-Report, 1.14.20

          • 3d ago

            Tuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 1.14.20

          • 3d ago

            Pentagon contradicts Trump on Saudi Arabia

          • 3d ago

            Trump: airstrike rationale 'doesn't really matter'

          • 3d ago

            Pelosi advances impeachment process

          • 3d ago

            Polls show sizable public support for impeachment

          • 3d ago

            McConnell and Trump lack votes for preferred plan

          • 3d ago

            Why Trump's lies about health care reform matter

          • 3d ago

            Rick Scott picks wrong adjective to defend Trump

          • 3d ago

            Monday's Mini-Report, 1.13.20

          • 4d ago

            Monday's Campaign Round-Up, 1.13.20

          • 4d ago

            Who's left to limit Trump when he's 'spun up'?


          Rachel Maddow
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          Deadline White House
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          The Beat
          All In
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          The 11th Hour

          Democratic Debate Analysis


          McCaskill: 'Young girls' watching Warren and Klobuchar during debate 'are now aspiring'


          Democrats hit Trump immigration policy in fiery sixth debate


          Sen. Klobuchar: ‘I know how to win’ statewide and in red districts


          Jason Johnson: Can't do anything about Medicare for All without a plan for the courts


          Johnson on debate qualifications: Dems must give 'as many options as possible'


          McCaskill: Democratic debate 'felt like a bucket of cold water on a hot day' after Trump impeachment


          McCaskill: Health insurance will be the main issue of the 2020 campaign


          Poll: Which of the Democratic candidates has the best chance against President Trump?


          Warren on Trump impeachment, Buttigieg's 'wine cave' fundraiser, and more


          Buttigieg responds to Democratic debate attacks on fundraising and experience


          Tom Steyer discusses his place in the polls ahead of the Iowa caucus


          After a slow start, Dems clash and hit Trump at raucous sixth debate


          Sanders, Biden have highest favorable numbers among Democratic primary voters

          Impeachment Inquiry

          The latest news and analyses on the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

          • Ali Velshi

            Clinton trial impeachment manager: “Present the best case you can”

          • msnbc

            Chief Justice John Roberts swears in for Trump impeachment trial

          • msnbc

            Rules, process of Senate impeachment trial still unclear

          • msnbc

            Senate impeachment trial has caused a 'change in demeanor' on Capitol Hill

          • msnbc

            McCaskill explains the importance of the Senate floor’s ‘ghostwriter’

          Race for 2020

          The latest news and analyses on the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

          • Ali Velshi

            Deval Patrick: America won't see herself in full at IA debate

          • Craig Melvin

            WAPO: Bloomberg’s fallback plan is to beat Trump and remake Dem party

          • Craig Melvin

            Elizabeth Warren 'stuck her finger in the electrical socket of gender politics,' says voting activist

          • Hallie Jackson

            Steyer: Dem nominee needs 'judgment, not experience'

          • Morning Joe

            Bernie Sanders is looking indestructible: Financial Times

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          Binge-watch Bagman


          The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg

          Mondadori via Getty Images

          Chris Hayes' WITHPod

          Examining slavery's legacy with Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ibram X. Kendi


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          Shannon Stapleton / Reuters


          Bernie Sanders' supporters shouldn't fall for Republicans' impeachment conspiracy

          Bettmann Archive


          Olympic Committee's new ban on politics denies reality, and its own poor history

          Ayman Henna / AFP - Getty Images


          The U.S. protects Saudi Arabia with Patriot missiles but not U.S. troops in Iraq

          Ron Batzdorff / NBC


          'This Is Us' isn't 'prestige' drama. But it might be TV's most ambitious story.